Fantastic Farm Gate Art

Have just got back from teaching two weekend workshops in Ravensthorpe with fellow metal artist Jodie Ditchburn. The brief was to help the fab group of locals to create some fantastic Farm Gate Art. And create they did! Just look at the magnificent results below.
The diverse range of wildflowers in the local area sparked the idea to make a farm art wildflower trail. So the welders, grinders and plasmacutter got put to good use. I know there is a few farmers in Ravey now who want a plasma cutter for Christmas!
Thanks to the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council for inviting us both to collaborate and be part of their Farm Gate Art. We are really looking forward to coming down to the opening of the project.
Check out Greg and Di’s beautiful Scarlet Banksia, these guys did an amazing amount of work to get this done, with the plasma cutter getting plenty of work cutting out all those leaves, and yes there are more still to put on!

Paul and Ainslee’s Scarlet Banksia in the making.

Jenny’s flower with the help of Andrew on the oxy. These two proved to be a great team and turned out Royal Hakea in no time (next pic).

Kia, Nick, Jenny and Andrew. Kia’s going to be popular with the missus, making a birdbath for the garden.

Nick’s, very pleased with his graceful waterbird!

Graham and Shirl’s giant Kangaroo Paw and Feather Flower. Shirl proved to be a dab hand with the wire and had a sketchpad full of ideas just bursting out. Graham still has some copper pieces to make for the blooms of the kangaroo Paw. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Shirl’s Eucaylpt flower.

Sue and Colin’s plough disc flowers, I believe there are going to be many more……

Each participant has made a flower to go on the collaborative Farm Gate donated by Ainslie and Paul. The gate is going to be located at the Dunnart Gallery in Ravensthorpe and at the start of the future Farm Art Trail.

Below is an amazing piece of readymade art, look out for more of these to come on the Farm Gate Art Trail. It was really interesting when dyed in the wool farmers began to see the beauty and form in a piece. Instead of just seeing it as a only a farm implement.

and the last say goes to Colin with his mega bikinitop!

Thanks to the generosity of CPC Engineering for the use of their premises and CountryArts for providing funding for the workshops.