Knitting in Circles Blanket

Performance: Knitting in Public

Phyl and myself knitted a Yarn bomb for the the Beaufort St Festival out of cut up T-shirts, though I suppose technically it is a Tarn Bomb. Amongst the  t-shirts we were donated there was a couple of breast cancer ones from Pauline Taylor’s Horse Ride for Breast Cancer a few years ago, so into the fence they went, but they also inspired us to make a “Knitting in Circles Blanket” to raffle for breast cancer at a later date.

Knitting in Circles is where multiple knitters work on the same circular piece at once. So on Saturday 27th November, festival day, Phyl, Sandra and myself sat on the street and invited people to knit with us on our circular blanket. We had great conversations with many passersby and other onlookers merely wanted to know how to join our knitting group but alas, when we told them they would have to travel just a little way into the country to join us regularly they were very disappointed. We tried to get them to relocate To Lake Grace of course!

It quite often happens that when we are away on art projects we get asked where we are from and we are delighted to tell people that we live in Lake Grace. In fact when people say is that “North or south of the river?” or “What suburb is that?” We tell them that Lake Grace is in the middle of everywhere – 3 1/2 hrs from Perth, 4hrs from Esperance, 2 1/2hrs from Albany, 3hrs from Bunbury and 5hrs from Kalgoorlie. And of course they look at us thinking we are nuts, but it just really depends on your point of view, doesn’t it!

You will also see some of the other yarn bombing projects made for the Beaufort Street Festival on the slideshow.